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Friday, November 4, 2011

We're at it again!

This is my second time I tatted this customer in Atlanta! I swear he is my best friend and a headache lol.  But, he knows it's nothing but love.  I just headache because always he comes in not really knowing what he wants and still not really giving me full control... BUT ALWAYS HE LEAVES WITH A JAW-DROPPING PIECE.

For this particular tattoo , he wanted to highlight his past life on Burton St. The piece was pretty self-explanitory...but I love it!


It was once said to me..."In order to make money you must spend money."  And, too this doesn't always apply to money, but life in general.  In order to be the best, you must dress the part.  It was time for a change as my skills progressed.  So meet Vivica my Vivace! I love


City of Ink always gets great publication in magazines, articles and much more.  But, here are the beginning of many more to come while a member of the team.  I must say I'm over joyed for the team as a whole ... 

Here was an article in Creative Loafing's Best of Edition for 2011.  City of Ink is a tattoo shop which can work on all genres of skin.  We have no limitations and are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Here is are three page spread we had in INK ATLANTA.  Have to say it made me cry.  It's my first major publication within the City of Ink Family!!!! Looking through the pages, it's evident I'm apart of a strong unit.  Everyone holds their own.  And, versatility is present.  Yet, still our styles still represent a cohesive unit.  I LOVE MY CITY OF INK FAMILY!

Egyptian Inspired Body

Can I say my art fits into a perfect category mold? No...Do I have a style?  I'm not sure I found it yet, but I know recently I have been doing a lot of Egyptian inspired pieces.  I definitely can say...I love the art and it truly has tested my talent and made me work for all I want.  

(custom ankh piece drawn on skin)

(eye of Horus drawing)

(Nefertiti piece drawn on skin - look at that flow in the tattoo )

Tattoos/Sketches Galore

No need to explain...I'm just going to let the images talk...

I'm back!

(Myself and one of my dope customers Chassity)

I know I am sorry...I haven't been posting in awhile... little technical difficulties, but I am back!  Let see what could've been missed.  A ton of dope pieces, new machine and a dope art show...but I got you with everything...Stay tuned...and don't forget to keep in contact and follow me on twitter @taste0fcake (with a zero.)